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Hi Outsider. Im not a girl but not a women yet. I used to write what my mind thinking on. No harm but just about this round world and this little unmatured world in mind.
Addicted Ahad, 11 Januari 2015 >>11:32 PTG
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all of us is a human being,
so we have this type of attitude.
i think addicted is come from a passion,
and you become addicted when you are over passion.

Malaysia had been attacking by an issue.
K-pop who came to Malaysia hugged  a few malay girl who is wearing a hijab.
Im not really interested in Kpop but i do watch K-drama.
at first i dont really care what had happening but when Im twittering everyone is talking about it.
new tweets....new tweets....new tweets.... yay ! i got the whole story.
(I also got the photos. kahkahkah)

jadinya nak jugaklah feeling feeling bagi nasihat.
I realise.
what if Im in their shoes.
come on, you guys must have a singer that you really adore.

I got mine !
I once addicted to a singer
around 2010 till 2013.
yes, i too addicted about him.
I searched all of his songs. his first songs. downloaded. remembered it. sang it everyday.
search him on internet. how he can be a singer.
find his story everyday on internet. (it because my dad not allowed me to buy any magazines)
trying so hard to find his true facebook account not his fan page.
commented on all the photos and post.
dreaming to be with him.

weird? ikr.
if my friends do read this i bet they would know believe it.
i do it in silence because im the only one who addicted.
I loved to do all that things.
when he came to Malaysia for his tours and i cant go,
i still feel grateful and excited because we are closer that usual.

its a long time ago.
and now,
Im a normal human being.
on that time, if i go to his concert and Im his lucky fan that invited to be on stage,
and he ask me " can I hug you? "
to be honest, I will. hug. him.

people do react with surrounding.
I bet they are kids and still unmatured like Tasha Manshahar's words.
people were cursing like ' kau dahlah bertudung lepastu peluk orang bukan islam. memalukan agama betul '
(not literally like that la)
we can give advise instead of cursing.
take it as a moral in muslims life.
its better. much better.
but after all, yes, what they did is totally wrong and ashamed but dont harsh them.
i think if they are good girls, they will realise it and feel ashamed too and regret.
they also thanks everyone for remind them.

I think addicted is good for good thing.
such as,
addicted to our religion.
addicted in studying
addicted to cook.
addicted to success !

akhir kalam,
pengajaran mematangkan kita.
nasihat menasihati lebih bagus daripada mengutuk
belajar dari kesilapan
sebab manusia bangun dari jatuh.
dengan Iman yang ikhlas di hati, tak susah nak berjalan.

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