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Hi Outsider. Im not a girl but not a women yet. I used to write what my mind thinking on. No harm but just about this round world and this little unmatured world in mind.
Invited. Sabtu, 20 Disember 2014 >>4:01 PG
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Finally i have been invited by Him.
To visit His great place.
Yes, with my family.

Its such an honour and unbelievable chance,
I will be there with my own body,
As his servant.

O Allah,
Please accept my forgiveness,
Please accept my weakness,
To fulfill my dua,
Guide me to the right path,
Protect my iman.
Cause to Him,
The greatest,
I pray day and night.

Toooo many wishes.
I keep praying.
Cause have faith on Him is the best thing ever.
I just hope I will come back
As a new one.
Pray for my safe journey.
Do forgive for my mistake.
Im just His servant that always need His guide,
Day and night.

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